Live Poll and Q&A

Instant polling and real-time visualization to engage your audiences!

Prinknest Live Poll and Q&A

Live Poll and Q&A

During live sessions or webinars, it is a trend nowadays to do live polls or quick question-answer sessions. It keeps audiences engaged and you better know the market response.

Live Poll and Q&A

At Prinknest, we equip you with the best technology to do quick, engaging, and interesting live poll and Q&A activities with real-time visualization and custom report facilities.

Working Process

Our live poll team helps you to get the best surveys or questions to better understand the mindsets of your audiences. Then we represent them in an interesting way so that they love participating.


We take the optimum benefits from the digital tools to help you prepare interesting and engaging poll surveys and questions.


Our team knows very well how to present the poll surveys or questions during the live session. From easy setup to automated handling we deliver the seamless experience ever.

Data Visualization

As soon as the poll or Q&A is done, we offer you a myriad of options to showcase the results. You can also customize the report in real-time.

Testing & Support

To make everything work properly, we do full-fledged demo testing so that there is no issue with the lives session. Our support team is always there for you with their real-time service.

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