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Nowadays, every business focuses on cost-cutting, alleviating profits, and growing lean and mean. If you want to grow your business at a reasonable cost, then Prinknest is the right place. Prinknest is a Virtual Event Tech company, offering Virtual Event solutions to help businesses to increase their revenue during this new normal; Work from Home. We provide expert services to ease your business’ virtual presence, which ultimately helps your company to focus on main-scale business activities. Thus, avoiding financial and mental burnout arising from managing a continuous and consistent virtual presence. At every hour of need, we come to your rescue, offering services that span a variety of verticals like conducting virtual and digital events, web development, branding and consulting, and digital marketing. If you need specialized services, we can help! Contact us, talk to us, and we’ll try our level best to provide you impeccable customized services.

Virtual Events

The inability to manage face-to-face interaction due to the recent pandemic can somehow lead to eroding company culture, but Prinknest allows you to interact virtually by organizing digital events like Virtual conferences, Virtual Webinars, Virtual Exhibitions along with planning for various types of virtual events ideas. Hence, sustaining culture for a remote workforce. We help you to gather your audience across the oceans with minimal costs and intend to provide a digital setup for your digital conferences, webinars, or hybrid events.

If you’re planning to conduct Hybrid Online Events like

3D virtual events like Virtual Lobby, Virtual Exhibition Hall, and Virtual Booth

2D virtual events like Webinars, Multiple Sessions, and Live Product Launch, we’ve got you covered.

Prinknest Virtual Event

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Prinknest Web Designing

Web Development

A website to business is what appearance is to a person. Your audience gets to know who you are, what you are offering, and why they should choose you.

Some other services include

Even formatting of text and coherence of font making it aesthetically pleasing

Creation of online feedback forms to fetch customer review

User Interface Optimization

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Prinknest Online Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing matters, but an efficient Digital Marketing strategy is what is necessary if you want your business to grow lean and mean. It is the reason companies spend a great deal in need of an excellent website and product pages to attract the target audience and catch their eye. Because good Online Digital Marketing techniques like ours will help you to cut operational costs and complete all your short and long-term business plans effectively and efficiently.

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Branding and Consulting

Branding is not only designing a logo and getting it registered. It is much more than that. Branding is the process of developing the means to continually remind the potential customers in the world what makes your brand, ‘the brand’. It is all about telling your story to build an emotional connection with the audience by letting them know your values, purpose, and direction. The best brands are those whose customers’ are their biggest fans, advocates, and evangelists advertising the brand name free of cost.

Good brand consulting comes from a deep understanding of the nature and objectives of the company paired with its long-term and short-term goals. Along with this, a thorough knowledge of customer preferences and perception of the brand. So, primarily we conduct extensive research to find the answers to questions like

Prinknest Branding & Consulting

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Virtual Events

You'll never stress concerning once you'll need to re-access your information. Several businesses touch upon server outages or regular maintenance.

Design & Development

Whereas victimization pre-made packages might meet a number of your business goals, it's not as scalable as a custom web app.

Digital Marketing

Custom web app designers acknowledge the importance of knowledge security. That is why they store data on remote servers.

Branding & Consulting

Victimization business package has the disadvantage of requiring a 3rd party to keep it running and updated.

Grant Management System

Prinknest Grant Management is an innovative and paperless solution to manage all your grants easily.

Hospital Management System

A dynamic and seamless solution from Prinknest to manage your hospital and focus on your patients.

Point of Sales System

The Prinknest point of sale system for restaurants brings out the best in your business by providing an interface to manage your entire restaurant from one place.

Interactive floor plan

Prinknest is a pioneer in developing interactive floor plan design, development & management for Expo, events & conferences...