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At Prinknest, we believe every candidate is unique and special & their unique personalities make them most effective at work. Our philosophy at Prinknest is that a job should be matched to the individual and derived from the individual's skills and abilities. We help our employees to explore, learn, connect & grow.

Life @ Prinknest

Prinknest is a well-known company helping start-ups to increase their positioning & brand value in the Indian & international markets. We maintain a strong interpersonal relationship with our clients by offering them a wider way of marketing & generating new business.

At Prinknest our people are our assets and they grow together with their colleagues. In Prinknest you will get the chance to work with the world's smartest minds and be one of them. You will help companies in their cause to make this world better for the younger generation, which will be more tech freque.

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“A supportive and friendly environment in Prinknest allowed me to explore myself from the inside out other than as a coder. Employee's innovative ideas are welcomed and encouraged by the company, which is admirable. Work-life balance is not just a word here. Prinknest values its employees above all else, making it different from other companies. ”

~Mr. Vipin Choubey
Sr. Software Developer
Vipin Choubey
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“Flexibility and an open discussion work environment are things I love, where people can exchange and implement out-of-the-box ideas. Prinknest Technology LLP is offering a healthy and competitive work environment. We are encouraged by management to use healthy methods to achieve any goal or solve any problem. We have options for flexible work hours & the opportunity to work from home/anywhere also.”

~Mr. Somil Jain
Digital Marketing Manager
Somil Jain
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“Working in prinknest was a big breakthrough for my career in content writing. I got to learn many concepts which helped for my professional career. The people at prinknest were friendly and very supportive and also inspired me in many ways. Working with prinknest was a dream come true opportunity for me. Prinknest has a very good work balance.”

~Ms. Anusha
Content Writer



Learn & Grow

Unlike most companies, we consider our employees just not employees, but family. Our core assets are our people, so we always try to help them learn and grow with the latest technologies. Our employees, our core resource, always make us feel so grateful.

Flexible Work Hours

We trust our people and offer them flexible work hours to complete any given tasks. Prinknest offers a family first environment and understands the work-life balance very well. Having flexible working hours allows us to avoid unwanted work pressure if it occurs.

Good Perks & Incentives

We believe in the philosophy of growing together, & that is why we love to share our growth with our people in the form of perks & incentives. It is our way of saying thanks to our core assets. Prinknest is always grateful for ideas & thoughts that further the company's evolution.

Team bonding & outing

Team bonding and outings are imperative for completing any task efficiently. We believe in effective communication, which can develop through different team bonding activities. Being explicit and clear in communication is our mantra of success, & no one better than us understands how to celebrate these successes.

Friends & Family

Prinknest is a growing family and understands the need for family very well. At Prinknest we try to offer a family-first environment to our people. Help them with their needs and requirements. Prinknest policies are designed to strengthen relationships between employees & families.

Current Openings

Graphic Designer
Manager - Human Resource
Sr. Web Designer
Lead Generation Specialist

Young talents are actively sought and internship opportunities are available in all relevant fields. You are welcome to share your updated resume for internship opportunities in different departments.

Send your resume to our HR department with a proper subject line & cover letter.

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Virtual Events

You'll never stress concerning once you'll need to re-access your information. Several businesses touch upon server outages or regular maintenance.

Design & Development

Whereas victimization pre-made packages might meet a number of your business goals, it's not as scalable as a custom web app.

Digital Marketing

Custom web app designers acknowledge the importance of knowledge security. That is why they store data on remote servers.

Branding & Consulting

Victimization business package has the disadvantage of requiring a 3rd party to keep it running and updated.

Grant Management System

Prinknest Grant Management is an innovative and paperless solution to manage all your grants easily.

Hospital Management System

A dynamic and seamless solution from Prinknest to manage your hospital and focus on your patients.

Point of Sales System

The Prinknest point of sale system for restaurants brings out the best in your business by providing an interface to manage your entire restaurant from one place.

Interactive floor plan

Prinknest is a pioneer in developing interactive floor plan design, development & management for Expo, events & conferences...