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Interactive Floor Plan

Generating new lead and convert them into profitable sales, that should be the only focus for all event sales executive, but their most of precious time getting waist on un-productive work, which is internal meeting and discussion on a lengthy chart which has the manual design of floor plan. Every morning or evening the sales team gets together and understands which stall is still available and which one is blocked. There is always a good chance of conflicts over multiple sales of the single stall.

Prinknest is a pioneer in India in offering a solution on an Interactive Floor Plan for your event. It helps the salesperson to focus on their sole agenda of sales and revenue generation. Our product helps you to give a real-time insight of all sold and hold stalls of any event. It helps you to take quick decisions and deal closing.

This is a Cloud-based solution, which is completely dynamic and offering you full control of all your event floor plans. Merging or resizing of stalls is possible even till one day before the live event. A detailed description of amenities and Open, Blocked, or Booked status with company profile will show. This application also comes with multiple in-budget on-demand services i.e. SMS or Email implementation, Online Payment Integration, etc.

Prinknest offers a flexible pricing module for generating such an Interactive floor plan on your own choice of domain. We usually take 3 to 7 working days to deliver any number of stalls in a floor plan. Colour coding for type of stall category & completely responsive design which can easily access from any device and from anywhere. It gives great flexibility to your customers also, as they can book the stalls as per their flexible timeline.


Prinknest Interactive Floor Plan helps your event sales team to present themselves more organized and confidently, which leads to more business and higher revenue with less time and effort.

Stall Categorization

Multiple types of stall categorization which also demonstrate online with different color codes. Easy to identify. Full display of category-wise availability of stalls.

Booking & Blocking

A client can block their own choice of stall and request for booking. The booked stall will display the details and not allow multiple sales of the single stall.

Real-time sales status

Any of the sales team members need not ask each other about the sales status, even the manager can also see the status of sales at any time.

Amenities Description

Each stall comes with a pre-defined amenity, we have given the facility to check all available amenities against every category of stall

Full Admin Control

Besides these capabilities, this application gives you full control of every facility. You can control stall sales & booking at any time and make them available also.

Stall Size customization

A fully flexible solution offers you the control even on stall size, till the starting day of the event. You can ask for merging or resizing of any stall as per your need.

Keep Selling

Prinknest helps you to achieve your sales target in lesser time and focus on other events. Our solution also helps you to work on multiple events simultaneously without losing your control over any of them.

Prinknest Interactive Floor Plan helps you to generate high revenue by fast sales

Easy & Convenient

Very convenient and easy to access. Anyone can access & block the stall at their own convenient time. Full control over the sale.

Error Free & Fast

No chance of human interference or error. Helps you to take fast decision based on available sales requests.

Targeted Sales

Target & focus on sales only, no hassle on multiple daily meetings and long discussions. Clear and focused sales.

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