Grant Management System

Prinknest Grant Management is an innovative and paperless solution to manage all your grants easily.

Prinknest Grant Management System

Grant Management System

Prinknest Grant Management System (PGMS), is a cloud-based & especially designed application for Researchers, Scientists, Scholars to manage their grants, sanctioned by the Government or different agencies for their research work.

Manage funds without having any solution in place is a laborious job, and it required lots of effort to managing multi-color files and write every single entry. At end of any term, calculating the remaining amount is always a big trouble for all researchers.

Allocated funds always come in different parts, and it is required to use in those respective modes only i.e., Equipment, contingency, Travel, Salary & or miscellaneous. Now with the help of Prinknest's GMS, the researchers can focus on their researchers & not on the lengthy and manual process of managing multi-color files anymore.

Researchers need not worry about their Audits anymore as PGMS is an Audit ready solution and readily give access to your auditors. You can allow your auditors to simply log in to your system and see the entries of your specific grants. This solution is fully automated, secured, and in completion of your control. You can control the Auditor's IDs & manage which research's Grant details you want to share with auditors.

Prinknest Grant Management System (PGMS) is a fully dynamic solution offer you to manage your grants for 1 year to 10 years of the project. While creating any project you can manage the number of years from 1 to 10 and the details will open accordingly. You can easily enter the value against each category and on the dashboard, you will see all the remaining balance for the same FY. These details are on a drill-down basis and will describe the balance amount in every category also.


Prinknest Grant Management System is a fully dynamic secure and controlled solution for every researcher. It helps you to focus on your research work by offering you complete control over everything related to your assigned grants. Following are a few of the major feature which you will get with our Grant Management.

A Dynamic Solution

It allows you to create the expenditure category on a dynamic basis, you can also dynamically control the total number of years for your research grant.

Equipment & Purchase Management

This solution offers you to manage all your purchases and equipment. You can manage and see your all-available stocks of equipment at any given point in time.

Vendor Management

Prinknest GMS comes with a strong Vendor Management facility. It allows you to create the PO, with pre-defined text and an automated PO generation number.

Invoice Management

A versatile solution with complete management of all your invoices. You can manage the purchased items and their delivery also against each invoice. Easy to track remaining delivery or payments.

Inventory/Stock Management

PGMS allows you to manage all your stocks with your few clicks. You can easily get the details of all available or sort stocks. You can also manage to order the sorting stock through the portal itself.

Salary Management

Prinknest understands that managing staff and their salary is a laborious task & it gives you additional burden while you are focused on your research. PGMS allows you to manage your staff salary easily and smartly.

Keep Granting

We wish you to keep granting and at the same time focus on your research works. We help you to manage your grants in an easy and controlled manner.

Prinknest Grant Management System
Makes you smart and fast.

Secures & Reliable

Cloud-based solution with any time access facility.

Incredibly Fast

Superfast access of reports at any time, anywhere.


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